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Small chocolates
Glass Vase

A hat box of lush whites and greens, dark pinks and purples.  The best seasonal blooms selected. 

Deluxe size is shown but can be ordered from smaller sizes. 

Customer Reviews (3)

beautifully fresh Flower

Thank you, my wife was very happy. The flowers were beautifully fresh and fragrant, exactly the same as the photos on the website. Minh Chau

*BELLEVUE Boutique Of Flowers

Am stuck abroad @the minute, 2yrs almost now, this pandemics caught a lot of us caught on the roaps & in a Bind!. #THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" Very Happy 'N Well Recived!! Thanks for helping keep the Love Alive over the Tasman & Aboard!! Legends. Smiddy


Amazing and beautiful! Perfect for my girlfriend and an even decent size for a small Karol Mamea-crawford
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